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personal consulting

In Svetlana Doroganich’s 20 years of practice, she has helped people dramatically improve their quality of life by enhancing their personal and working relationships. Her specialized training in individuals and couples counseling empowers you to get the happiness you deserve in areas such as intimacy, marriage, families, friendships, career, life transitions and spirituality..

Communication issues are at the core of many challenges in relationships and therapy can improve your ability to connect with others.  She will help you identify your inner strengths, develop lasting and more effective coping skills that will reenergize your relationships, elevate your career, and achieve happiness.

Svetlana’s approach emphasizes a collaboration of gestalt consulting, transpersonal psychotherapy, and process work.  Sessions will reach beneath the surface, linking early family and peer experiences to remove unwanted behaviors and improve your relationships.

Svetlana creates a secure, caring and non-judgmental environment that will enable you to make positive changes by reducing your anxiety, easing your stress, and helping you gain confidence and more control so that you can feel better and boost your quality of life.


Svetlana provides Art Yoga classes at the Art~Yoga Center that help you realize your heart's desire.  With asanas, meditations, and Mandala drawing, you will enjoy relief from stress and through relaxation, develop good health habits and awaken your creativity.  To learn more, click here:

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Dolphin Therapyin vallejo

Svetlana provides Dolphin Therapy for $400 per person.  Since 1996, Svetlana has brought people together with dolphins, and while children with developmental disabilities and veterans with PTSD have benefited greatly from physical contact and swimming with dolphins, everyone who has participated in this activity has come away energized, uplifted and enlightened. The benefits from Dolphin Therapy are still being discovered. To learn more about this emerging science, click here.

KUNDALINI yoga and

art class

Kundalini Yoga brings about a harmonization of mind, body and spirit; the realization of intentions in all aspects of life: Business, creativity, and relationships. This yoga improves one's breathing, motion, sleep, weight and the health of the spine and joints.

Svetlana Doroganich, Instructor, has been an International Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2000 (India, the United States, Spain, Egypt, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia).


Yoga classes include Kundalini Yoga, Transformational Breathwork, Dynamic Meditations; and live transcendental sound (sacred drum, singing bowls, chanting), followed by Mandala drawing.  Along with group classes, Svetlana offers individual and couples classes, and Tantra Yoga for couples.

Classes are held by appointment only in the Art~Yoga Center, 2000 South Delaware Street, San Mateo.  Yoga classes are $50 per hour for private classes.


Svetlana offers individual 40-minute swimming classes.


Svetlana offers individual, couples and family Dolphin Yoga classes that incorporate Kundalini and Hatha Yoga in and out of the pool for $50 per person. In the water, students swim with a monofin, replicating the rhythmic movements of a dolphin or mermaid while practicing a special breathing technique known as Dolphin Breathing.