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Integral SVETA Bodywork (ISBW)

Wellness & Education Training
- ISBW Education Certification Program 2018

April in Moscow, Russia

What is the ISBW Education Program?

ISBW Education is a program for experiencing and studying the method of ISBW from an integral and transpersonal perspective. It is a two-pronged program that can be used either to become a certified practitioner or simply to experience this practice in a more in-depth format.  It is the best way to spend time with the author of ISBW, Svetlana Doroganich, in the beautiful natural settings of the Santa Cruz mountains, California and the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Besides the practice and theory of ISBW, training topics include Holotropic Breathwork™, Art Yoga, and Aquatic and Shamanic practices.
After completing the training program, students will earn Integral Sveta Body Work Certificate of Training. This Certificate confirms that this person has met the necessary requirements to qualify as a coach of Integral Sveta Body Work.

Please note that you must complete the training program, meeting all the requirements to become an Integral Sveta Body Work coach, before offering or running any Integral Body Work sessions and events.

What is the ISBW method?

ISBW was established as a result of the integration of ancient and modern body-oriented practices that Svetlana has studied in numerous countries for over 20 years.

Determination of method:

ISBW is a method that allows a deep release of bioenergetic and emotional blocks through the bodywork and breathwork that improves the physical and psychological quality of life for our clients.  ISBW eliminates the physical and emotional effects of traumatic experiences on the body that lead to psychosomatic diseases and destructive behavior. Through ISBW, the client gains access to unconscious traumatic experiences from their past.  This experience can include spontaneous physical and emotional reactions and sometimes symbolic images, all of which bypass the field of consciousness.  This approach excludes retraumatization. The integration of the experience can be through spontaneous movements, art
work and sharing.  The term ISBW refers to a body-oriented coaching approach and is not considered therapy.  A coach works one on one with the client’s emotional and physical conditions.

How can reliving traumatic memories be therapeutic and not a retraumatization?

We are not dealing with an exact replay or repetition of the original traumatic event here, but with the first full experience of the appropriate emotional and physical reaction to it. This means that the traumatic events are recorded in the organism at the time when they occurred but were not fully experienced, processed, or integrated consciously.

The basic concept of the method is the trust of the 'inner healer' and the unlimited potential of the human body and consciousness.
Energy-delay zones are unlocked during body work and, as a consequence, the healing potential of each client is awakened. We focus on harmonizing all aspects of the human being: the physical body, sexuality, emotions, mind and spirit.

Initially, ISBW was designed to work with clients in crisis after traumatic events. The method is used in situations where verbal communication does not work.  ISBW can be performed in the field as sessions do not require special equipment or materials.  With the client in comfortable clothing, a simple mat or thick blanket on the floor to insulate against cold and protect injuries is all that is required.

ISBW unlocks our internal healing potential.
Through guided visualization, simple movements and breathing, we learn to help ourselves, our families, our friends and even myself. This helps in the prevention and rehabilitation of many physical and mental illnesses.

ISBW is a body-oriented transformational practice for a deepening and integration the practices of Hatha and Kundalini yoga, and the practice of realization of intentions.

ISBW is suitable for clients with psychosomatic and emotional problems, sub-depressive conditions, and various addictions.

ISBW is proposed as a method of integration of the material obtained during the sessions of Holotropic Breathwork™, and other practices which induce non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In addition to working in the studio, Svetlana conducts ISBW sessions in the water for children and adults (Aquatic ISBW).

We invite you to participate in the ISBW Wellness Program

For health:
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;
- Alcohol, drug and food addictions;
- Psychosomatic disorders;
- Problems with relationships;
- Chronic fatigue syndrome;
- Age and spiritual crises; and

For a new experience:
- The experience of self-exploration;
- Deep relaxation techniques;
- Deep stretching;
- Body conditioning; and
Fun, recreation and rejuvenation

For more information, please contact:
Svetlana Doroganich, Training Director: Tel.: +1(415) 225-3583, Skype: harimanitkaur

Robert M. Ross, President: Tel.: +1(415) 716-8397