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Integral Sveta

Private sessions of Holotropic Breathwork

Svetlana Doroganich was certified by Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) in 2009.  She has been in the Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator certification process in Russia with 1999.  And has facilitated at different international venues such as the International Transpersonal Association Conference in Moscow, in California, and many other events with Stan and Christina Grof, Tav Sparks and other Grof staff members.

A private session lasts about 4 to 5 hours, and has the same format as a group: Check in, introduction, breathwork, mandala drawing and integration.  A week after the session, there is a 30-minute integration follow up call.  Additional Mind-Body Integration sessions can be scheduled for an additional cost, if client wishes to integrate their expanded states of consciousness to into their daily life.

If this is your first time doing Holotropic Breathwork™, Svetlana will send you the link to a couple of articles and a video so you can be familiar with the foundation of this work.  Also, at the beginning of your first session, we will have additional time for questions and orientation.

Individual sessions take place in mystical place in the Redwoods of Boulder Creek, CA.

MIND-BODY INTEGRATION sessions are a crucial component of Holotropic Breathwork™ and any other work with expanded states of consciousness.  We believe that integration is the most important part of the process, as it allows one to embody and apply the insights and lessons learned into our daily lives.

Mind-Body Integration sessions are designed to support the integration process after working with expanded states of consciousness. These sessions include Integral Body Work, expressive arts, aquatic practices and work in nature, depending on which seem a better fit for the individual.  Together we provide options to deepen and integrate your breathwork journey.


Private sessions  $500 (Includes integration phone or Skype session one week after)
Integral Body Work - $300 per session
60-minute mind-body integration session: $100