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Integral Sveta


holistic HEALTH & wellness


A complete approach to childbirth

This program helps women become pregnant and

give birth in the San Francisco Bay Area under the

direct care and support of Svetlana Doroganich. 


With her 21-day detoxification program, Svetlana prepares

the body to be the healthiest it can be so you can create the

most gifted child possible.  She uses an organic diet,

cleansing and Yoga to clear the body, and Holotropic

Breathwork™ to heal the unconscious birth traumas caused

through Limbic Imprinting when we were born, and post

traumatic stress disorders we have developed since so as

not to pass those fears, phobias, anxieties and stress onto

your own child.

During your last trimester, Svetlana will provide an expert medical team and personalized support before, during and after

labor as your Birth Doula, preparing your body for childbirth and providing the healthiest Limbic Imprinting possible.

Program Concept:

Our birth (how we come into the world) can affect our health, relationships, beliefs, even our business – until we heal the trauma caused at birth.  Svetlana addresses this with her clients through Holotropic Breathwork™.  

But the best thing we can do is to prevent the trauma of birth and all that comes with it for our children.  We begin with the

understanding of conception, gestation and childbirth, and that women and their partner want a healthy baby above all else.  We have all the necessary resources for the realization of this intension.  We develop a personalized program with a
combination of different methods, services and timelines to suit your situation, including water births, in the home or at the



Who are our clients?

Our clients are couples who:

- Want a child with a fully developed immune system, free from birth trauma, harmful chemicals and toxins from your food

  and environment; or

- Have problems with natural conception and intend to seek professional treatment for artificial insemination, egg/sperm  

  donor or surrogacy; or

- Want a natural childbirth in a pristine setting in California, including prenatal Yoga, breathwork and dolphins, and the

  support of your Doula on call; or

- You or your family seek personal breakthroughs to remove the barriers caused by trauma in your life to live a more

  balanced, peaceful, meaningful and fulfilling life through Transpersonal Psychological counseling, Holotropic

  Breathwork™, Rebirthing, Dolphin Therapy and Transpersonal Training.

Phase 1

21 - Day Preconception program includes:

- Assistance with Air and Ground transportation;

- Rental car and car insurance;

- Bay-side hotel accommodations, 15 minutes to downtown San Francisco;

- Planning and preparation for your pregnancy and childbirth;

- Tours of Hospitals and Birth Centers (so you can decide where you would like to give birth);

- Consultations with doctors and midwives (so you can decide who you would like to work with);

- Artificial insemination, egg/sperm donors, surrogacy consultation (so you can decide who to work with);

- Legal council for couples on the rights of the child born in the United States (citizenship, U. S. passport, etc.);

- Cleansing, organic diet (breakfast and dinner);

- Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Art Therapy;

- Holotropic Breathwork™;

- Salt water aquatic exercises and sauna detox;

- Integral Bodywork;

- Dolphin Therapy;

- Hiking the vortexes of Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods along the Pacific Ocean; and

- Tour guide and translator services

Basic Price: $15,000 (based on anticipated costs and personal time involved at $50 per hour)

*Upgrades to living accommodations and/or automobile will add to this price.


Phase 2

First and Second Trimesters (either in the San Francisco Bay Area or at your home) includes:

- On call personal assistant available 24-7; and

- Travel assistant to accompany you on the flight

Cost: $50/hour + airfare

Phase 3

The Last Trimester (Three months of residency in the San Francisco Bay Area) includes:

- Personal assistant for all aspects of your birth (travel, orientation, housing, appointments, medical documents, etc.); 

- Assistance with air and ground transportation;

- Assistance with rental car and car insurance;

- Assistance with San Francisco Bay Area housing;

- Assistance with doctor’s appointments, medical documents;

- Legal assistance with United States citizenship of child;

- Salt water aquatic exercises; 

- Dolphin Therapy;

- Doula services (includes prenatal Mind-Body Connection class, Kundalini Yoga and personalized birth education); and

- Tour guide and translator services

Basic price: $25,000 (based on anticipated costs and personal time involved at $50 per hour)

*This price does not include fees associated with doctors, nurses, midwives, hospitals or costs incurred with special circumstances.  It is YOUR decision as to where you want to give birth, whom you wish to have as your medical team members and how you would like to give birth to your child (i.e. in home, at a hospital, water birth, etc.).  Integral Sveta, Inc. will assist you with these decisions.  On average, depending on your preferences, the overall cost for a vaginal birth is approximately $18,000.  If a cesarean birth is necessary, the overall cost is approximately $28,000.  However, these costs vary based on special circumstances that may arise (i.e. additional days in a hospital, necessary medical tests and procedures for abnormalities that may occur, etc.).  If artificial insemination, sperm or egg donor or surrogate services are required, those fees are an additional cost not included in the prices noted above.

Consultation by e-mail: integralsveta@gmail.com

Contact phone: +1(415) 225-3583

Skype: harimanitkaur

Authors and leading experts of the program:

Svetlana Doroganich -Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Birth Doula

Robert Ross – General Manager

We speak English and Russian.


Professional Recognition:

- This program was presented at the launch of the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation in San Francisco on

  October 26, 2014.  It is recognized and appreciated by Stanislav Grof and members of the Foundation.

- "Loving full support for those creating new life together with Svetlana Doroganich."  Stuart Sovatsky, PhD, MFT