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"Wine for Spirit: A Journey through the Four Elements”

Celebrate Life

Health & Balance
Wine Education & Tasting
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We invite you to have a personal experience

through our program at the

Art-Yoga Center, Half Moon Bay.

Since ancient times, wine has been used to

represent celebration, medicine, libation and

blood.  It evokes passion, love and fertility.  

Journey with us through the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  In tasting the “drink of the gods," we combine our body and spirit to celebrate life in all its manifestations. We will harmonize all aspects of our being and delve deep into our consciousness and discover our motivations and our fears. We welcome you to join us in our new program “Wine for Spirit.”

This program can also be suited to a private event, whether a corporate retreat, private party, birthday entertainment, anniversary or wedding. If interested, send a message to
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