Finding your path

Integral Sveta, Whole Life Coach, provides Personal Consulting, Art Yoga™Holotropic Breathwork™, Thoughtful Family Planning,  and Hikes on Mt. Tamalpais to help you realize your heart's desire.  At each step, Sveta works with you to focus on whats truly important to you, achive personal breakthroughs, and gain insights into what you desire in life.  Click here to see UPCOMING EVENTS.

Holotropic Breathwork

Our birth, how we come into the world, affects how we see the world, our relationships, our beliefs, our health and even our business, until we heal the trauma caused from birth. Holotropic Breathwork is used for healing birth traumas by peeling the layers of onion that scar over traumatic events from one's birth. By identifying the cause of trauma, one frees themself of a burden that manifested itself through stress, anxiety, fear, phobias and addictions. Learn more...

realizing your heart's desires

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As a Doula, or birth assistant, I accompany women in labor to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I coach mother and partner on what to expect and how to prepare using holistic techniques to ease labor and encourage a natural child birth whenever possible. Learn more...

Hiking Mt. tamalpais

Through guided meditation with sacred drum, our day and night hikes awaken your spirit within while providing insights into the indigenous peoples of Mt. Tamalpais that came before us.  Join us under the sun or the stars as we take this journey high on a hilltop in a sacred land. Learn more...

Kundalini Yoga & art~Yoga

Svetlana's Kundalini Yoga and Art~Yoga™ brings about a harmonization of mind, body and spirit and inspires the realization of one's intentions in all aspects of their life: business, relationships and creativity. This improves one's breathing, motion, sleep, weight and the health of the spine and joints.  Learn more...